Malungon, Sarangani Travel Guide: Some Existing Spots

Go on swimming or stroll along the farms – all of these activities and more is what you’ll get as you tour around the landlocked province of Sarangani, Malungon.

A first class municipality located in the province of Sarangani province, Malungon is mostly an agricultural municipality with its economy basing largely on agricultural products. Dried coconut meat is the municipality’s prime economic driver. Animal husbandry is the second biggest economic booster specifically cattle farming. Other agricultural products include coconuts, maize, sugarcane, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, pork, eggs, beef and fish.

The municipality is not only a good area for agricultural products but has also great spots to lay down and relax. Below is a list of existing spots in Malungon

Overlooking Swimming Pool in Vila Garden Resort in Malungon Sarangani

The Villa Real Garden Resort is a newly opened garden pool found in Nagpan, Malungon. It has a 25 – meter adult swimming pool for adults and a smaller kiddie swimming pool. Tourists can rest in their 14 open cottages. These cottages may also be used for meetings or camping. The site to which this villa is situated used to be a limestone dangerous curved area.

If you’re in Malungon, Sarangani, try visiting the JQ Oncada Goat Farm. They have the best breeds of goats with their 2 and half year old pure Boer stud which they got from Texas, USA. Lots of kids are available in their farm. JQ Oncada Goat Farm is located at Malandag, Malungon, Sarangani Province.

The Pacman Farm showcases the sculptures and arts of Mindanao artist Kublai Milan in an enclosed landscape garden and Mango orchard. Within the farm as well is the Manny Pacquiao prayer garden and organic vegetable arrays.

Giant Championship Belt of Pacman in Pacman Farm

Golf fanatics would surely love this 18-hole golf course in Malungon. Located in Sitio Pulatana,Malandang, Malungon the Sarangani Golf and Country Club is only a 30-minute leisure drive from the proper town of Alabel, Sarangani’s capital town. If you are coming from General Santos, the drive is only 40-minute. Its two-storey cottages are of native inspired and provide an outright vista of the golf course’s backdrop – the Mount Matutum.

Malungon is a municipality that can be a good haven for breeding animals. La Hermosa Ostrich Farm is another farm to see in this blessed town of Sarangani.

The Municipality of Malungon truly is worth a tourist’s visit. Not only the town is vested with the richness of its soils, the calmness of the weather it is also a great spot for your vacation hideaway.

photos are owned by: Mark Navales


Isla Puting Baaas (White Island) in Mati City, Davao Oriental

Isla Puting Bas (White Island) in Mati City, Davao Oriental

After few hours of swimming, cam whoring, teasing and running in Pujada Island, our pump boat operators gladly convinced us to include Isla Puting Baaasss to our itinerary.  As curious as we are, plus we're on the hunt for exciting adventure, we headed to the island.

People called this island as Isla Putting Baasss, which means White Island. It is a bit similar to popular White Island in Camiguin; however, this Mati City version is only known to locals in Davao Oriental and neighboring provinces. 

ready to jump on the shore in White Island, Mati Davao Oriental

From Pujada Island, we rode pump boat and traversed for about 30 minutes. As we get closer, the driver pointed out the small island. It was halfway covered by giant waves, at that moment I think about my safety, my life in case the waves eat us since we don’t have any life jacket.  When I confessed that to my companion, she smiled and uttered flashback of your memories. :D In order to avoid being attacked by monster waves, our driver waited for right timing, so we can reach the shore. At the same time, we are preparing to jump on the shore ala ninja moves.

crazy waves ruined our pictorials but it end up into more dramatic pix :D - White Island, Mati City, Davao Oriental

White Island and Friends :D

This island is facing Pacific Ocean, so be ready with giant waves want to devour and spoil your pictorial moments. :D but this case never disappoints us. As we had the island for ourselves; we felt unmatched and childlike excitement, according to Izza – the scriptwriter of the group.

White Island in Google Maps. As you can see it was surrounded by big waves

How to Get There: The island is a popular place to rest for local fishermen. It means you are safe to approach them to bring you to Isla Puting Bas. They only ask you to shoulder the gasoline, but you can give them a bonus, for they are really good in entertaining travelers and tourists.


Big Waves of Dahican Beach, Mati Davao Oriental

Hello Mindanao bias!

Isn't the picture above fun? One of my friends took that last weekend when we were in Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental. Oriental.

In that picture, we're running, jumping and battling against giant waves of Dahican Beach. Moments of struggles as we fondly called it. However, we really enjoyed every struggle, even some of my friends were knocked down not just once but twice. hahahha. This experience  was truly unique.

This beach is one of the popular destinations in Mati City; it has 17 kilometers of pure, fine  and white-sand shore. Since this place is facing the Pacific Ocean, it is rich in big waves perfect for skim-boarding and surfing. Dahican Beach is another version of Siargao - The Surfing Capital of the Philippines. Some of the locals and even tourists come here bringing their skim and surf boards to practice. In fact, this is the favorite place by the locals for tournaments in the region.

How to Get There

From Mati bus terminal,  there are lots of tricycles going to Dahican.