The Weekend: Roadhauz Hotel and Kee's Cafe

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend. Chuck Palahniuk

I'm so excited to share mine...

Warm comforts, sweet, spicy, a self-indulgent glass of carrot juice and full of surprises. That's my weekend, spent with selected  Sox Bloggers on the hidden hotel of eight-division world champion boxer and  a politician Manny Pacquiao and a converted hotelier wife Jinkee Pacquiao.

photo by: Arnel Joshua Lim of  Unedited Captures

In an idyllic spot in the middle of Dadiangas heights, Roadhauz Hotel is located. At first look, it's like a human form stretching out his arms and legs while facing upwards, embracing what tomorrow brings. It was opened first quarter of the year but recently changed its management with new plans and new hopes.

The hotel was divided  into 14 standard twin rooms, 8 triple rooms, 8 superior rooms and 10 Roadhauz suites. All rooms are well-furnished with modern amenities like hot and cold shower, cabled LCD TV and wifi Internet access.  To decorate the 40 rooms hotel, they exhibit valued portraits of PacMan from one corner to another... razzle-dazzle shots of  Jinkee and family pictures can be spotted as well.

Standard Triple Room

Standard Twin Room

Superior Room

Roadhaus Suite

Roadhauz hotel is wide awake now (you can join their zumba dance session every Wednesday 5:45 am for free), plus Kee's cafe is nice addition to it. In this cafe, there comes a selection of hot coffee and refreshing juices, slices of cakes, sandwiches and pastries. Apart from the food, one can watch TV or listen to the music  that was not too loud.  Wifi is easy to use plus ample of seats available both inside and outside thus, a comfortable place to hangout with family or friends.

With their new chef (a Filipino came from Saipan) you'd love their food, especially the sushi.  I thought  sushi is the least impressive food, but  they're fine. I mean they generally taste better. What I enjoyed the most was the fish served with a wedge of cooked tomato and pieces of vegetables. We're lucky enough to taste Roadhauz Hotel and Kee's Cafe dishes before it is officially served to the public. Do you want sushi? Tempura? Pasta?   A full-sheet of new menus will be available soon.

After the heavy food tasting and sipping a healthy glass of carrot juice, here comes a dessert - Jason Veron Francisco (I'm just kidding :D). We chanced upon the opportunity to take photos with this PPB celebrity.

photo by: Arnel Lim of  Unedited Captures

Roadhauz Hotel and Kee's Cafe is located at Aparente Streetcorner Block 0, Dadiangas Heights General Santos City, Philippines. For reservation, dial (083) 553 8888 and (083) 553 5335 or pm them at their Roadhauz Hotel  facebook page.

So how's your weekend? Feel free to share them at the comment box below.I'd love to hear about them. ^_^


Malungon Sarangani Agricultural Investment Opportunities

Malungon Sarangani Province Map

Malungon is politically subdivided into 31barangays
  • Alkikan
  • Ampon
  • Atlae
  • Banahaw
  • Banate
  • B'Laan
  • Datal Batong
  • Datal Bila
  • Datal Tampal
  • J.P. Laurel
  • Kawayan
  • Kibala
  • Kiblat
  • Kinabalan1
  • Lower Mainit
  • Lutay
  • Malabod
  • Malalag Cogon
  • Malandag
  • Malungon Gamay
  • Nagpan
  • Panamin
  • Poblacion
  • San Juan
  • San Miguel
  • San Roque
  • Talus
  • Tamban
  • Upper Biangan
  • Upper Lumabat
  • Upper Mainit

For anyone who had visited Sarangani, there is not a single doubt that it is indeed a beautiful province. Towns like Glan are the most visited area in Sarangani because of its scenic spots. With the increased visits from local and foreign tourists, investors see this as a big opportunity.

Actually there are numerous towns and municipalities in Sarangani that are also worth the investment. Agriculture is one industry that is rampant and major economic booster in the country and here in Sarangani there are lots of potential spots.

Malungon is a town in Sarangani Province that is abundant with natural resources. It is safe to say that this town is blessed with the antiquity of Philippine culture with the tribes living in the area and is also blessed with rich soils for varieties of agricultural products to thrive. However, not much of its rich natural resources are explored and turned into an investment opportunity. Like for example, the corn industry. Sarangani is one of the Philippines’ corn producing provinces and Malungon has the biggest percentage of producing the agricultural product covering 33% of the total land hectare.  Because the province don't have a processing plant for feeds, these agricultural products are marketed to General Santos.

There are lots of potentials that investors will see as soon they consider Malungon as their next agricultural hub. Here are the listed potentials that are guaranteed to yield higher profits for investors:

"Sarangani Golden Mango" photo by: saranganiphotonews

1. The favorable climate of Sarangani makes it suitable to grow fruits like Mango. Sarangani is also a major producer of the Philippines’ national fruit. The municipality of Malungon grows these fruits abundantly with high quality when it comes to taste and size.

Malungon is considered as the biggest mango producing town not only in Sarangani but the entire SOCKSARGEN (South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, and General Santos), with more or less 5,000 hectares and it will be double or triple in  the coming years.

2.  Rubber, a highly indispensable material for many big industries are also grown here locally because of the town’s good rainfall.

3.   Malungon has 117,553 hectares of potential land for Oil Palm Production according to the Office of the Provincial Agricultural (OPag) and Commercial Crops and Development Program.

4.  Waterways in the municipality are not a problem because it is adequately supplied by spring development projects.

Malungon’s potentiality as the next agricultural hub in the province lies in its physical characteristics. The land is of various forms which include plain, valleys, rolling-hilly and hilly and mountainous with soil types ranging from clay, loam to sandy loam. These characteristics are the perfect fit for investment areas such as processing plants, milling plants, Industrial tree Plantation, Agro Forestry, Fruit production, livestock breeding and farming and production of ornamental plants. Investment opportunities like these should not be neglected. This will remain potentials unless someone will take the opportunity.


Bo's Coffee Experience at SM Gensan

My first Bo's Coffee experience was at its original franchise in SM Davao few years ago and I really <3 their World Coffee and durian pie. Yesterday, I chanced  upon the opportunity to be witnessed (to try their coffee I haven't had before) the grand opening of Bo's Coffee - the 59th branch and the 8th branch in Mindanao.

with Sox Bloggers

Relaxing music, fully air conditioned ambiance and captivating smell of coffee - these  are the things pop up on my mind when I think of my Bo's Experience at SM Gensan City. But as a heavy coffee drinker as I am, the latter is the most memorable experience that makes this place more entrancing. 

Bo's Coffee is famed in the field of coffee known for its "just-roasted freshness" meaning FRESH coffee beans harvested from Sagada, Mt.Kitanglad, Benguet and even Mt. Matutum. One of the coffee shops promotes local coffee beans and helps the  coffee growers in the Philippines. We should patronize Bo's Coffee then.

But it has something more to offer as they have sweet snacks and loads of desserts like Cookie for the gods, Hungarian Sausage or Biscotti. Soon, Bo's Coffee in Gensan will  serve all-day breakfast meals with coffee, of course!

Heaven of  Sweet Snacks and Desserts

All in all, when it comes to cozy place with best coffee, Bo's Coffee is the boss. ^_^  If you are planning to visit General Santos City, be sure to visit Bo's Coffee at SM- Gensan. They are open from 8am til 11pm.

Are you a Bo's Coffee fan also? Feel free to share your Bo's experience at the comment box below. I've love to read them ;) 


Potential Tourist Spots in Malungon, Sarangani Province

Greetings from beautiful mountains of Malungon! Living here for 27 years, I guess it's about time to promote my hometown not only the existing tourist spots in Malungon but the potential spots as well.  Sarangani province’s landlocked town, Malungon because it has to be a potential tourist hub. Although many have not yet explored its natural gifts, Malungon is definitely a good place to go on a nature trekking with the many natural wonders it boasts.

The Datal Bila Waterwold is a 20 hectare land development located in Barangay Datal Bila. It is situated near the Mt. Matutum Nature Park. Nature lovers would surely embrace the beauty of this area with over 91 endemic flora and fauna living in the area.

Perhaps go on a trekking at Bugasan Falls. It is one spot in the town backpackers and dirt bike riders would love to visit. Trekking towards the falls allows one to explore the interior mountains of Barangay J.P. Laurel, Malungon.

Busagan Falls in JP Laurel Malungon, Sarangani 

Bohol is not only the place in the country that houses the Philippine Tarsiers. The Nanima Watershed found below the Kolonbarak skyline is the home of Philippine Tarsiers, the world’s smallest monkey, where the indigent people of Malungon (Blaan and Tagakaolo tribes) consider them as a sacred creature. It is also home to biodiversity which includes eagles and other endangered species. It covers an area of reforested 283 hectares with endemic species of trees and a good source of potable water.

A great area in the province that tourists would probably compare in Tagaytay is the Kalonbarak Skyline. The skyline lies 750 feet above sea level with a viewing point of Mt. Apo, Mt. Matutum, Sarangani Bay and Davao Golf. Not only it is the home of Sarangani Tarsiers, it is also where 3 villages of Blaan tribe reside. Kalonbarak Skyline will soon be launched as an Eco-cultural project by the municipality. People that will visit the area will learn from the indigent people living in this place their way of practices and living.

Other cool destinations tourists might want to go around are the JQ and La Hermosa Farms, Pacman Farms, Sitio Rancho and the Peak Restaurants, Villareal Garden Resort, Busagan Falls, banana and pineapple plantations, mango farmlands, and Community Museum and Home of Living Traditions.

Community Museum and Home of Living Traditions

Malungon Sarangani may be a landlocked municipality in Sarangani and may not be blessed with picturesque waters with white sand beaches but it sure is blessed with teeming bush lands, different land formations and waterfalls that will surely satisfy a tourist’s delight.

The next time you’ll visit Sarangani, never miss the Municipality called Malungon – a town that has well maintained the balance of nature, innovation and culture.


SM SuperMarket Gensan - At Your Service!

After how many months of waiting, finally SM-Gensan opens its doors to the Generals today. And  Sox Bloggers Became a Part of its Inauguration yesterday.

First, We had a SM-Supermarket trip as the Greenbag Ambassadress Lei Denise Nazaree Marzona toured us from one station to another.

SM Supermarket Gensan- At Your Service, Yes! Aside from reliable and friendly customer  assistants, one can also experience  a personalized and hi-tech supports.  There's a queue-busters  to save you from long lines as it will scan your purchases before you get to the cashier, all you have to is pay. 

As a not full-pledged vegetarian (I can't give up pork and chicken this time) this could be  my favorite where I can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. 

SM has dehumidifiers that control the temperature and moisture so that vegetables remain fresh all the time. For an additional safety features, SM also has "sneeze guard" glass panels to keep fresh items safe and from being exposed to bacteria as many shoppers will go around checking the items.

Bloggers together with traditional media toured around taking pictures while listening to infos and demos.

More Pics

Indeed, SM Supermarket will make your grocery shopping to the next level. Aside that they have all your needs from fresh foods, home items and even your business needs, SM- Gensan offers exciting promos.
  • You can get a bonus in every value pack contains of FREE SM bonus items.
  • You can also be a winner  great prizes when you purchase yellow tag items worth not less than P500.
BUT here's a reminder, get your SM Advantage Card or BDO Rewards Card. Before shopping at Supermarket, make sure to swipe your SM advantage Card, BDO rewards card, or Prestige into a swipe machine to get a discount list or freebies. Having a promo list, you instantly know the discounted items available that day at SM Supermarket - Gensan.

SM Supermarket encouraging its customers to use the reusable bags when shopping to support in saving the Mother Earth.  Always bring your green bag or the chillier bag and get extra points to your SM Advantage card.

Happy Shopping :)


Cotabato City, a Soon-To-Be Tourist Destination

Cotabato City, a Soon-To-Be Tourist Destination but not everyone knew that Cotabato City was once a progressive city in Mindanao but had been economically declining in the recent years. Cotabato City is always thought to be a city where there are bombings, and occasional kidnappings. Cotabato City’s location is at the center of Maguindanao, however it functions independently from the province. Today, Cotabato City is slowly making its way to the tourism industry in the country.

For anyone who’ll visit the city, you can directly judge that there is nothing special here as compared to highly urbanized cities in the country. They have tricycles and jeepneys as the people’s mode of transportation. Along the sides of its busy streets are vendors offering potential buyers of delicacies and other products. Old buildings also stood in its streets, but are no longer used. Most of the foods you’ll see being sold here are those of Muslim dishes and delicacies but you can still opt to buy your food at the chains of fast foods found in the area.

A highlight of the city is the monument of Sultan Kudarat. People built this monument in honor of the Muslim hero who victoriously defeated the Spanish colonizers in their attempt to conquer Mindanao. The monument of Sultan Kudarat is erected atop Pedro Colina Hill. 

Another feature in the city is the Kutawato Cave. The cave may be seen below the Pedro Colina to which the monument of Sultan Kudarat stands. The Kutawato Cave used to be the hide-out of Japanese soldiers during the World War II and believe to be the only cave in the entire country that is located in the center of the city.

It Barter Trade Center located in Governor Gutierrez Street is also worth visiting. In it are arrays of bargain goods which range from sarongs, hijab (a headscarf used by Muslim women), brasswares, tubao (a long scarf that is worn by wrapping it around the head), malong, batiks, and inaul (a hand-woven fabric common in Maguindanao).

Fronting the Rizal Park is the city’s old municipal building which is now a hub for Philippine Marines. Cotabato’s new municipal building is now located outside the heart of the city.

Sultan Hadju Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid photo by: Nanardz of Daniel Dap Chimmers of http://www.southcotabatonews.com

 Another spot worth a visit is the Grand Mosque that can accommodate 800 male and 400 female worshippers. The Grand Mosque is named after the Sultan of Brunei – Sultan Hadji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid. He funded the creation of the mosque partially. From afar, you can already see its grandiose with its yellow domes and a couple of minarets, while its interior is painted in white.

These are only but few attractions, one should explore within the city of Cotabato.


Malungon, Sarangani Travel Guide: Some Existing Spots

Go on swimming or stroll along the farms – all of these activities and more is what you’ll get as you tour around the landlocked province of Sarangani, Malungon.

A first class municipality located in the province of Sarangani province, Malungon is mostly an agricultural municipality with its economy basing largely on agricultural products. Dried coconut meat is the municipality’s prime economic driver. Animal husbandry is the second biggest economic booster specifically cattle farming. Other agricultural products include coconuts, maize, sugarcane, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, pork, eggs, beef and fish.

The municipality is not only a good area for agricultural products but has also great spots to lay down and relax. Below is a list of existing spots in Malungon

Overlooking Swimming Pool in Vila Garden Resort in Malungon Sarangani

The Villa Real Garden Resort is a newly opened garden pool found in Nagpan, Malungon. It has a 25 – meter adult swimming pool for adults and a smaller kiddie swimming pool. Tourists can rest in their 14 open cottages. These cottages may also be used for meetings or camping. The site to which this villa is situated used to be a limestone dangerous curved area.

If you’re in Malungon, Sarangani, try visiting the JQ Oncada Goat Farm. They have the best breeds of goats with their 2 and half year old pure Boer stud which they got from Texas, USA. Lots of kids are available in their farm. JQ Oncada Goat Farm is located at Malandag, Malungon, Sarangani Province.

The Pacman Farm showcases the sculptures and arts of Mindanao artist Kublai Milan in an enclosed landscape garden and Mango orchard. Within the farm as well is the Manny Pacquiao prayer garden and organic vegetable arrays.

Giant Championship Belt of Pacman in Pacman Farm

Golf fanatics would surely love this 18-hole golf course in Malungon. Located in Sitio Pulatana,Malandang, Malungon the Sarangani Golf and Country Club is only a 30-minute leisure drive from the proper town of Alabel, Sarangani’s capital town. If you are coming from General Santos, the drive is only 40-minute. Its two-storey cottages are of native inspired and provide an outright vista of the golf course’s backdrop – the Mount Matutum.

Malungon is a municipality that can be a good haven for breeding animals. La Hermosa Ostrich Farm is another farm to see in this blessed town of Sarangani.

The Municipality of Malungon truly is worth a tourist’s visit. Not only the town is vested with the richness of its soils, the calmness of the weather it is also a great spot for your vacation hideaway.

photos are owned by: Mark Navales


Isla Puting Baaas (White Island) in Mati City, Davao Oriental

Isla Puting Bas (White Island) in Mati City, Davao Oriental

After few hours of swimming, cam whoring, teasing and running in Pujada Island, our pump boat operators gladly convinced us to include Isla Puting Baaasss to our itinerary.  As curious as we are, plus we're on the hunt for exciting adventure, we headed to the island.

People called this island as Isla Putting Baasss, which means White Island. It is a bit similar to popular White Island in Camiguin; however, this Mati City version is only known to locals in Davao Oriental and neighboring provinces. 

ready to jump on the shore in White Island, Mati Davao Oriental

From Pujada Island, we rode pump boat and traversed for about 30 minutes. As we get closer, the driver pointed out the small island. It was halfway covered by giant waves, at that moment I think about my safety, my life in case the waves eat us since we don’t have any life jacket.  When I confessed that to my companion, she smiled and uttered flashback of your memories. :D In order to avoid being attacked by monster waves, our driver waited for right timing, so we can reach the shore. At the same time, we are preparing to jump on the shore ala ninja moves.

crazy waves ruined our pictorials but it end up into more dramatic pix :D - White Island, Mati City, Davao Oriental

White Island and Friends :D

This island is facing Pacific Ocean, so be ready with giant waves want to devour and spoil your pictorial moments. :D but this case never disappoints us. As we had the island for ourselves; we felt unmatched and childlike excitement, according to Izza – the scriptwriter of the group.

White Island in Google Maps. As you can see it was surrounded by big waves

How to Get There: The island is a popular place to rest for local fishermen. It means you are safe to approach them to bring you to Isla Puting Bas. They only ask you to shoulder the gasoline, but you can give them a bonus, for they are really good in entertaining travelers and tourists.


Big Waves of Dahican Beach, Mati Davao Oriental

Hello Mindanao bias!

Isn't the picture above fun? One of my friends took that last weekend when we were in Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental. Oriental.

In that picture, we're running, jumping and battling against giant waves of Dahican Beach. Moments of struggles as we fondly called it. However, we really enjoyed every struggle, even some of my friends were knocked down not just once but twice. hahahha. This experience  was truly unique.

This beach is one of the popular destinations in Mati City; it has 17 kilometers of pure, fine  and white-sand shore. Since this place is facing the Pacific Ocean, it is rich in big waves perfect for skim-boarding and surfing. Dahican Beach is another version of Siargao - The Surfing Capital of the Philippines. Some of the locals and even tourists come here bringing their skim and surf boards to practice. In fact, this is the favorite place by the locals for tournaments in the region.

How to Get There

From Mati bus terminal,  there are lots of tricycles going to Dahican.


Fly Like Superman in Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon

Wanting to try zipline for a day  but don’t know where to go?
Here’s how! Visit the Asia’s longest dual zipline in Bukidnon, the Dahilayan Adventure Park.
Dahilayan Adventure Park is fast becoming Bukidnon's most famous tourist destination. photo from: suroypilipinas.com

It boasts their two 840m long zipline and feel the thrill of flying through 4700 ft. above sea level. You’ll be your superman dream for more than 2 minutes. Not only that! As you go through the air you’ll zoom through lush greenery and breathtaking views found only in the mountains of Dahilayan. It’s guaranteed safe and fun for all ages alike. Sounds good right? But there’s more in this place than just fulfilling your dream of being a superman for a day.

This place is more like a one stop shop for all sorts of adventurers. Dahilayan Adventure Park  houses many outdoor adventures for all ages some of the activities that you can do inside the park are as follows:
  •  The 320 + 150 DUAL ZIPLINE for beginners. To equip you for Asia’s longest you must try this training zipline. For only PHP250 you may be able to enjoy this thrilling adventure before trying the Asia’s longest zipline ever. From here you’ll be taught about the SOP’s of ziplining, it won’t be that harsh for you if you go through this beginner’s zipline first.
  • Feeling like you wanted more? For PHP 500 try the Asia’s longest zipline. DAHILAYAN ADVENTURE PARK boasts of two 840m Ziplines with a drop of 100m. Zipriders are transported via 4wd Safari Cruiser to launch tower at 4500 ft above sea level. Zoom through the rainforest canopy at 60-80 kph to land at Carrier-type flight deck using a special arresting gear system. It’s guaranteed safe so it’s a worry free adventure!
  • They also have the ROPES COURSE for only PHP200. Build your confidence level and learn teamwork at Tower of Power Rope Course, a 12-stage High and Low Wire obstacle courses complete with Multisided Rockwall.
  •  There are three more attractions being developed in the park. These are WINCH BOARDING, ROCK WALL CLIMBING, and DROP ZONE. Be thrilled and excited for the new attractions they are developing.

Dahilayan Adventure Park has everything you needed from nature tripping, outdoor adventures and not to mention their one of a kind Pine Grove Lodge. This is the place to go when you’re tired of trying all the adventures they have. Pine Grove Mountain Lodge has nine room ski chalet inspired Manor which has a very warm and relaxing view of Mt. Kitanglad. This place will take you into a county like place in the U.S.A. The ambience is more like a western side since pines just surround the place exquisitely.

The DAHILAYAN ADVENTURE PARK will not just let you marvel in their park. They also offer GreatZip adventure tours. These tours will not only let you try the thrilling adventures but this tour will also allow you to see the wonders of Bukidnon’s finest!

Tour packages are as follows:

Asia’s longest zipline:
Dahilayan Adventure park

-->ZIPLINING or RAFTING (1,200/pax)
  • Transportation back & forth Cagayan de Oro/Brgy. Dahilayan or City Proper/Rafting Site
  • Lunch & afternoon snacks
  • For Zipline: All rides (320m + 150m + 840m), minimum: 10 persons
  • For Rafting: Advance Rafting (21 rapids), minimum: 6 persons
-->1699/pax (minimum of 10)
  •  Transportation back & forth CDO/Brgy. Dahilayan & City Proper/Rafting Area
  • All rides zipline (320m + 150m + 840m)
  • Lunch & snacks (during rafting) and snacks (during zipline)
  • 14 rapids Water Rafting

-->1999/ pax (minimum of 10)
  • Transportation back & forth CDO/Brgy. Dahilayan & City Proper/Rafting Area
  • All rides zipline (320m + 150m + 840m)
  • Lunch & snacks (during rafting), and lunch & snacks (during zipline)
  • 21 rapids Water Rafting
  • Additional P250/head should you wish to try the Zorb Ball at Forest Park

Get the thrill of your life and visit Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon! My visit in Dahilayan is a memory to keep. The whole place is more than just an adventure park; this is a place to go for a quality time with your family or loved one. The whole place is soothing for all sorts of relaxation.

You can visit their website here for inquiries and booking :)


Where to Eat in Butuan City: Cafe Caliente

In the outskirts of Butuan is Café Caliente a very nice place to chill. It has been getting a lot of good reviews from people about the superb food and nice ambiance. Café Caliente Has an assortment of comfort foods from sandwiches to pastas to traditional Filipino meals like sisig. With the opening of its 4 KTV rooms, Café Caliente has been synonymous to Butuan’s definition of good clean family and barkada fun with privacy for mini parties. The song selection boasts a huge library of songs possibly the most up to date equipment in the region. Or you could also rent the mini disco room for exclusive private parties not too big to hold large crowds but enough to enjoy the company of intimate friends.

Looking for the best pasta’s in Butuan? Café caliente is the best place for pastas, generous servings and very delicious. Try this creamy pesto pasta with chicken strips or the pasta ala pirata which is a combination of ragu and seafood.  

Pesto Chicken Pasta

Pasta a la Pirata (Seafood Pasta)

Refreshing drinks are also the forte of Café Caliente take this blackforest frappucino for instance. Premium quality coffee from Java Indonesia meticulously created for both the discriminating eye and palette.
strawberry jelly
strawberry jelly

Wines,  Liquors, Beers
Café Caliente’s Library of wines and liquors is among the best in Butuan both imported and local you will have lots of options to choose from.

Sandwiches are supposedly quick foods but in Café Caliente, the quality is better ensured. Compare the sandwiches here from different establishment’s price wise and quality wise and you’ll see and taste what we are talking about.
Fish - Fillet Sandwhich
Clubhouse Sandwhich

Hot Coffee
Café Caliente also offers hot coffee carefully blended to bring out the best of flavors premium coffee beans grown from neighboring towns. Export quality coffee beans are used in making these warm comforting beverages.

Cafe Mocha
Cafe Caliente is located at South Montilla Blvd., (in front of Rainbow of Angels Learning Center).,Butuan City. For reservation and inquiries you may contact them at (085) 342 7496.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cafe-Caliente/124656305451

all photos are owned by Dani Beltran - the official photographer of Cafe Caliente

Gumasa Beach Resorts in Glan, Sarangani Province

Feeling like Boracay is way too crowded for you to have a fun and relaxing summer? Well, here’s a safe haven for all of you, the Gumasa Beach Resorts.  It is located down south of Philippines,  which houses one of the Philippines finest beach treasure with white powder like sand that embeds crystal clear waters is Gumasa Beach Resorts. The known little Boracay of the South is one of the finest beach destinations nowadays. 

Gumasa beach resorts
Gumasa Beach Resorts - Little Bora in Southern Mindanao photo by: Sarangani Province

Gumasa is not a well-known tourist destination, but if you come over and see for yourself its’ wonderful seascape and alluring surroundings you will surely spread the news. This is a must visit summer destination for beach lovers especially now that the government is planning for a hype and one of the grandest beach festival in the Philippines. Go to your nearest ticketing outlet now and book a flight down south and head on to Glan Saranggani to experience the Saranggani Bay festival.

Discover Gumasa’s unmolested beauty and be mesmerized by its magnificent scenery. 
Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province photo by Cocoy Sexcion
There are a number of beach resorts worth your visit in Gumasa. They will meet your vacation needs depending on your budget and wants. Here are some of the known beach resorts within the area.

Brod Louie Beach Resort

Brod Louie Beach Resort offers a good treat for all kinds of visitors. They have the amenities that will surely meet the needs of all ages. The resort will serve as a temporary home for all who visits Gumasa. The resort was beautiful with green grass, flowers, flowering shrubs and very soft lighting at night. The atmosphere of the property was romantic, party-friendly, entertaining and comfortable all at the same time. The resort has also one of the most hospitable staff, they are happy to serve all the guests. Room rates here for an overnight stay is friendly and reasonable. They have air-conditioned rest house and open family cottages. Plus they have an air-conditioned dormitory for mass number of guests. All of their room rates range from PHP 500 – 4700 only.

The main attraction in the resort is the white sand beach. The clear water, the soft sand, and the shallow water with little wave action will surely tease you to play and look for starfish, which were plentiful and varied in color. At low tide you will be able to walk through the great stone formations to the west of the resort. Romantic and adventuresome with so much natural beauty made some of these secluded spot breathtaking.

Other resort facilities are VideoK, Kayaking, Snorkeling, kid’s swimming pool and Spa. These all comes in a very reasonable and friendly rate.

Davak Ridge Beach Resort
Davak Ridge Beach resort is another resort found in Gumasa. It’s around 45 mins. Ride from General Santos City. The resort is richly blessed with powdery soft white sand that everyone else would want to walk along its shore barefoot.  The resort is quite mountainous that’s why it gives the entire guest a bird’s view of the wide seascape.

Cottages rates are from 300-2500 depending on your preference. They have 3 closed cottages equipped with air-condition, refrigerator, water dispenser, tv, 2 big beds and a clean restroom. Well this room is good enough if you have enough budgets for a luxurious overnight stay in the resort. If you have no enough money to pay for a comfortable overnight stay, you also pitch in your tent or rent a tent from the resort for a very cheap price.

White Haven Beach Resort
White Haven Beach Resort

    White Haven Resort

The resort is one of the first ones in Gumasa. They have open cottages for day tourists and air-conditioned or fan rooms with toilet and bath for those who want to spend a night here. Room rates are from PHP500-4900. However, you can pitch in your tent to their white (indeed) and powdery like sand if you wish to have a cheaper expense.  Each cottage comes
with  an individual grill so you can cook foods without hassle. If you weren’t able to bring food,don’t worry they have a restaurant inside the resort to cater your tummies desire.This resort is for all ages, what you’ll love about this strip of beach is the fact that moms can just leave their kids enjoying the sand along the shores since there’s only small instance that sudden trench in the ocean will happen. Waves here are friendly but just to secure your kids, let them wear a life vest for the security.

When it’s low tide in white haven you can walk the stretch of the beach and head to the mini caves in the coral cliff at the end of the resort. It looks almost the same as that of “bikini bottom” Spongebob lives. It’s a perfect place for picture taking.

White Haven Beach Resort is located right after Davak Beach Resort.

Rosal Beach Resort

This beach resort is one of the best white sand beaches scattered all over the province.  It is situated between White Haven and Coco Beach Resort.

Compared to other beach resorts in the Philippines, the accommodation in Rosal is much affordable.  It offers rooms with a functioning bathroom and good air conditioning. There are open – air cottages, space for tents and children’s playground. Room rates are from PHP600-5500.

There is a wide variety of options where one can break the stillness of the resort. One is to indulge in the beauty of the place by simply taking a walk in the fine white sand while having a conversation with new acquaintances or friends.  Another way is to hang out with the beach while sipping refreshing drinks. For guests who love water sports, Rosal offers facilities such as kayaks, skim boards, and volleyball for rent. Take note, you can also experience jet skiing, just request it from the management.

Whether you are an adventurous tourist or someone looking for a laid back retreat, Rosal Beach Resort is a great destination on indulging your dream escapade.

Coco Beach Resort

Coco Beach Resort takes pride of their beach plus the powdery white sand as the highlight plus the crystal clear seawaters.  However, these are only the beginning when considering the advantage of indulging moments with this beach resort.

Coco Beach Resort is accessible to other neighboring resorts. This easy access means you can spend many activities such as walking in the shoreline, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Another amazing thing to behold in Coco Beach Resort, it is the sunset view along the shoreline.  It is one of the simple offerings of nature to thank for.

Coco Beach Resort is a good venue for any special occasion that you’re celebrating, especially special bonding moments with family and friends.  Though it does not offer ample facilities, but it has the basic amenities that you needed most.  It has rooms and cottages, a small store wherein you can order for meals.  Not to mention that the owners and staff are really friendly and accommodating with their guests.

Open cottages and room rates are from PHP500-4500.

Make Sand Castles in White Haven Beach Resort ^_^

Isla Jardin del Mar Beach Resort

Isla Jardin del Mar is located at Gumasa, Sarangani Province. Hour rides from General Santos City, this resort have a powerful view to ease your stress and kick off your problem in awhile.

If you’re looking for cheap but give you quality views and services you want to experience you may go to this beautiful beach in Saranagani.

They have awesome cottages in low price. Entrance fee is very affordable. Open cottage and room rates are from PHP300-2500.

The Isla Jardin del Mar Weekdays Escapade Promo is valid only from Mondays to Thursdays.   They have separate packages for Day Tours and Overnight Stays  plus separate fees for their Open and Close Cottages

Gumasa Saranggani is packed with numerous and dazzling beach resorts that will meet all of your vacation and unwinding needs. See for yourself these hidden treasures of the South!


The Review: Pensoy's Grill - Eat's Now Serving grEAT Food

A popular  restaurant reopened with a new name, new look, new menu and new chef. 

At Pensoy's Grills, the new rule is.... "EAT's the food, EAT'S the music, EAT's the PLACE...Eat's Now Serving grEAT Food."  This is an internal  part of Mr. Big Shot, and was known as Six Blings before (though far different as old). Thomas Bebot Haw, founder of Haw's of LechonniMangThomas, and his partner are the forces behind the Pensoy's Grill.

Eat's the Place

The place comes with a smart look of new lightning and other touches. More important, the owners really overhauled the place.When you look around you can see crocodile remains near the stage, heads, bones and tail of biggest tuna on the wall and skeleton of the ostrich. 

One of shoebox-shaped function rooms - Six Blings blossomed into a nice setting wherein some frames of popular athletes who once made a success in sports are featured like Paeng Nepumocimo, Micheal Schumacher - German Formula One driver for Mercedes team and seven-time World Champion, Micheal Jordan, Manny Pacquiao and many more.  Badminton rackets, bicycle and other sports gears are hanging nicely on the ceiling. 

Another function room called Karagatan, has covered of glass and bamboo walls with a cartoonish tuna fish in bright colors hanging behind the buffet table. A skinny long table runs down the middle while  paintings hugging the wall. 

Karagatan Function Hall - it can accommodate  50 - 80 people

Eat's the Food

In Gensan, you can hardly even find a restaurant that served ostrich and crocodiles in one place. The Pensoy's Grill seems to handle the challenge well, though ostrich and crocodile are least impressive animals for me, but once cooked they are fine, I mean they are generally great to eat. 

With their new menu, the choices are endless, highlights to include are the ostrich steak, galante ostrich burger and crocolicacies such as crocosisig, crocostrich, crocochile and a lot more.  Thanks to a food enthusiast partner Moppet who also works as a Food Planning and Standards Specialist for PAL and part of her work is to check the dishes served for both the MCL and Economy passengers.  So before you plunge right in the resto, just know what you want, or else you might be missing the specials, as a full-sheet list of the menu might excite you a lot.  

Welcome to Food Nirvana!!!
SayangDilikaGuaPo - Pasayan, Dilis Guava and Pomelo (P120)

Ostrich Molu Soup (P140)
If you have to ask me, I stick with their specialties and what's most unusual. This includes the Ostrich Steak with super yummy sauce. The Ostrich Molu Soup (P140), and the SayangDilikaGuaPo (P120) - the most creative (controversial) name. Hmpf!!! Buti nalang masarap ka. :))  SayangDilikaGuaPo consists of Pasayan (Shrimp) Dilis, Guava, and Pomelo.

But wait- the menu is not all ostrich and crocolicacies, all the time. They offer sumptuous cuisines like Molu Soup, Cream Dowry Fish Fillet, Buffalo Wings (P240), Kare - Kare (P240), Crispy Pata (P380) - where meat are golden brown and crunchy. And oh, their Condoleezza Rice (P180) is kind of perfect too.

Service is a big plus, fast on the uptake, waiters are cordial. At the end of the meal, music and drinks awaits for you. 

Eat's the Music

Pensoy's Grill is wide awake every night as live band is new addition to the scene. Stop in for a night and enjoy their double chilled beer. 

Double Chilled Beer

The location: NCCC compound national highway, 9500 General Santos City, Philippines
Details: Open from Monday to Saturday  3pm. to 12am. Parking lot is not a problem.
For reservation: Contact Pensoy's Grill at 0922 803 1961.