DoleFil ClubHouse in Kalsangi, Polomolok

After an hour of swimming and diving in Tuka Sanctuary, we (SEX Tour participants) go to DOLEFIL Clubhouse in Kalsangi. And if you happen to visit it for the first time, you will be overwhelmed by the ocean of pineapples. Exaggeration, but it is. It is a home of the biggest pineapple plantation (around 12,000 hectare) in the country. The other things you will notice upon arriving in the place are the family of pine trees. The image of Bagiuo City will usually pop up into your mind.

Kalsangi Clubhouse in Dole Philippines Polomolok

This large property also has a school, church, hospital and a clubhouse also known as Kalsangi Clubhouse. It is a private place meant for DOLEFIL employees and guests only. That's why we're so lucky that Kalsangi is part of our Itinerary that day. But what I love the most inside the Dole Philippines, Inc. (Dolefil) is the golf course with landscapes near Kalsangi Clubhouse.

Aside that we're mesmerized by the scenic view, we also enjoyed the snacks they served on us. Pineapples slices and juices were there together with palabok, and club house sandwich. They also have a variety of products such as pineapple slices, chunks, tidbits, and juices in can. Of course the fresh fruits, the first thing the DoleFil Philippines is famous for.

And while we are enjoying the snacks, Gwynee Ebol of Dole Philippines is giving us the general infos about the DoleFil. I found out that they support farmers to plant pineapples. They also help community through tree planting, donating classroom chairs and a lot more and  DoleFil  got an  award bcoz of that.

In order you can visit Kalsangi Clubhouse, first you need to ask from a DoleFil regular employee a get pass since this place is not open for everybody. Once you have it (get pass), it is sure you will enjoy what Kalsangi Clubhouse has to offer.

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Kiamba's Children Park and Tuka Marine Santuary

Destination #3 of Day 1 of Soccsksargen Experience Tour Part Deux (SEX Tour II)

After the whitewater tubing in Maitum, our next destination for Soccsksargen Tour (also known as SEX Tour) was Kiamba Children's Park which is free entrance. We enjoyed our lunch at an elevated place overlooking at the beach and the other portion of Kiamba, this place is good for hang out with family and friends. It was surrounded by flowers, some landscapes and mini zoo – where you can spend time getting acquainted with birds, snakes, turtles and a lot more.

(Lunch at Kiamba's Children Park, thanks to Kiamba Tourism Council)

Of course, visiting Kiamba Children's Park gets more interesting when accompanied by a trip to Tuka Sanctuary. It is a good thing I joined the said SEX Tour, I found out that aside from Quezon Beach somewhere in Julu, Sulu, Tuka Sanctuary, is one of the best undeveloped-white-sand-beaches. It comes with a crystal clear water even on the seashore. The four-coves could be a great picnic destination if you want to relax between white-sand-sea and lush mountain.

This place is also a haven of different species of fish and rich in marine life. I was tempted to try diving in deep areas, but I was too chicken to even think of drowning. I really don't know how to swim. :( But one thing is for sure, water sports enthusiasts could really enjoy a wide range of activities on their one-day stay.

Unfortunately, according to one of our guides, multitudes of corrals (which are the main attractions of the beach) are being attacked by crown of thorns, and brought a lot of damaged. To help save Tuka Sanctuary, you can coordinate with Michelle Solon and Kiamba Toursim Council.

Reaching Kiamba from General Santos City is so easy through vans or motorcycles as the main form of transportation, while the Tuka Sanctuary is accessible via the motorboat.

thanks to Dabawpinoy for the photos.


White Water Tubing Experience At Pangi River in Maitum, Sarangani

Day 1 of Soccsksargen Experience Tour Part Deux (SEX Tour II)
When it comes to whitewater river rafting, Cagayan de Oro is favorite. However, if you wish to enjoy a new white water tubing, Pangi River in Maitum is a good alternative. As a traveler, we typically crave for something extra-ordinary. So I assure you that this activity actually deserved a try.

Who would not want to experience water tubing in the midst of beautiful scenery anyway? Including this activity to our iterinary by our organizer Avel Manansala really added more excitement for the SEX tour. After we ate our breakfast in Cresings, we headed to Pangi River together with Tourism boys Arnelito Ramirez (Tourism Operations Assistant) 0918-6133022; Arlex Narte (Tourism Operations Assistant) 0919-3738007.

The day seemed to be perfectly sunny, plus seeing the rushing rapids perked me up for this newly experience. Some of the bloggers teased us (first timers) that if we broke our bones, we had a doctor and nurse with us. And if ever we smashed our tooth, we had a dentist. So no worries, but I only felt purely excitement that time.

After a short briefing, all of us seemed ready to take on this splashing adventure. I don't know how many rapids, but it took around 30- 45 minutes padding through the long stretch (1.6 kilometer) of Pangi River.
My guide assured me that I would not fall off from the improvised floater/tube. But I want to let go of it, so I can get the most out of this experience. I want to jump off to the water, but I'm too tiny that my guide can carry me. Alright! Falling off into the water is not my option, but I know that could be exciting. See the photos below:

Aside from white water tubing, there are other places to enjoy in Maitum. Among its tourist spots are Bat Sanctuary, which is a home of thousands endangered bats; Pawikan Sanctuary with Hawksbill, Green, Olive Ridley and LoggerHead turtles; and the Twin Falls in barangay Bati-an You can also go diving or trek across the forest to explore caves and other exotic flora and fauna in the area.

If you want to take challenge of a 1.6km tube-ride, Pangi River is located in Brgy. New La Union, Maitum Sarangani Province. A few hours away from General Santos City. You can enjoy a 30 min white water tubing for just P130.00 only.

Thanks to DabawPinoy and jaypee for the photos.


Heavy BreakFast in Cresing's Food Maitum, Sarangani

Destination #2 of Day 1 of Soccsksargen Experience Tour Part Deux (SEX Tour II)

After a short visit in Museum, we (bloggers) headed to Cresing's for our breakfast. They served a variety of organic foods and there were really an eye-opener. We began our meal with a roasted brown rice with turmeric and lemon grass tea while our host gave us an overview of each meal. The tea is served in hot or cold drink, but I preferred the cold one as I loved the calamansi and honey added into it.

Heavy Breakfast

Salted Eggs with Tomatoes

The combination of roasted brown rice, turmeric and lemon grass is packed with healing ingredients. Brown rice has Manganese for immune system and blood sugar balance; the turmeric has medicinal properties for various illness and even psoriasis and different forms of cancer; lemon grass has a great healing effect for cancer patients. I felt no guilty at all, even that I overdosed myself with these healing benefits in just one sitting. :D

Organic Black Rice

After this, they served organic rice (black, brown and white rice), salted eggs with tomatoes, ginataang suso, pritong bangsi (flying fish) and the fresh vegetable salad. Honestly, it is so difficult for me to remember all the names of herbs combined in every food. All foods were delicious, but I ate a lot of salted eggs and pritong bangsi.

Organic Brown Rice

As our first meal for day one of Socksargen Experience Tour (SEX Tour), I was impressed to experience organic foods and found a new enjoyment even for the familiar foods, maybe because of the health benefits info that accompanied the meal.

Pritong Bangsi (Flying Fish)

I highly recommend that do not leave Maitum without having a taste of the salted eggs and the bangsi. Regrets that I didn't take home some of their products, especially the turmeric and lemon grass tea. Well, there will always next times, for I will visit this place again and again.

The host of Cresing was so friendly and entertaining. In fact, they never get tired of answering all our questions, from the tea, the process of making salted eggs, the price of organic rice, and a lot more.

Going to Cresing's Food Products is so easy. It is located at Purok Namnama, Maitum Sarangani Province. Contact Cresing's at +63919-3045279 or ferminc.rivas@hotmail.com if you want to experience their salted eggs, bangsi, organic rice and other processed food products.

Photos were taken from DabawPinoy's Product Sampling at Cresing's & KusinaMaria's Breakfast at Cresing's.