Traveling The Beautiful Mindanao

Traveling around is one of my favorite things to do. That's why I come up to this Beautiful Mindanao web page. I know that most people are scared of traveling around Mindanao. Thus, they missed half of their life. :) Saying this, because there are many beautiful spots here in Mindanao that you hardly seen in other places.

I'm not telling that I only want to explore the down part of Mindanao, I am considering to visit up there. But this time I am limiting this niche for my favorite beautiful spots here in Mindanao. My hope you can come with me as I travel around Mindanao to present to you those beautiful spots as what I've said.

This niche also gives you ideas that Mindanao is of course, a safe place to travel and live on. Maybe, some news giving you bad impression with this place, but still I preferred Mindanao as the Promise Land. Feel free to ask me what beautiful places nice to visit, or you can simply ask me to feature some places. Thank you